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Private /personal chef

message posted 23-Oct-11 05:40:50
Hi, All
I am a new member,
I wonder, has anybody is or has experience of being the Private /personal chef?
message posted 25-Oct-11 11:06:30

I have worked for a few families and on a yatcht.

Good work but really hard, depending on the family and what their lifestyle is. The reason i say lifestyle is because one family, the kids had private tutors, so i was feeding all day every day, another was an arab family who ate at such bizaar times and when ramadan comes, forget sleep, they only ata after sunset.

The yatcht was great because in the two years i was on board, i only saw the owners four times, but it got boaring, but a good cruise. I did moonlight on other boats too, so it was good for the experience.

A good experience and a great way to make contacts !!
message posted 27-Oct-11 03:32:31
Hi, Tourant Chef
thanks for the reply, appreciate that,
now i get more idear and i can imagine what is like,
do you know any good website or any good agency for personal chef ?
thanks, would plenty appreciation for that..

message posted 01-Nov-11 16:55:33
My Pleasure.

Register on this site, they get ones coming in and caterer.

There is a yatcht recruitment website also, cant rember the name but if you just google a few different phrases, you should find it, like chef for yatcht and personal chefs recruitment..

Enjoy mate !
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