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Am i to old to be a chef at the age of 22?

message posted 02-Oct-11 13:35:53
Hi everyone
Im a 22 year guy who did a city and guilds in professional cookery and I only found my passion for cooking last year and a lot of ppl tell me that my age would stop me from becoming a good chef. is that true?
message posted 02-Oct-11 19:36:39
Hi Chef

The reality is all the top Michelin boys, started at 16, 17 yrs old. So they do have a head start but I think Ramsey was about 20 when he got into the kitchen.

So they do have a head start but not impossible, keep your head down, learn as much as you can, move to the next kitchen, get all the knoweladge you can, then on to the next one.

In this game it is all about passion and the drive that you have inside.
I bet the people who have said you are too old have lost their passion, or just don't have the ambition to get them to the top.

GO FOR IT...........!!
message posted 03-Oct-11 10:32:34
Thanks Tourant.chef you dafinatly cheered me up.

im gonna go out there proving to everyone that age is not as important as passion.

message posted 03-Oct-11 20:59:33
Tourant is right!

Good luck to you.....only remember that you have to work ten times as hard as the next person. And then ten times harder again. And then again. You sleep, walk, live, dream,think cooking. If you want it that bad....

Years ago, one old man one day said to me, 'Three things, fuckhead!'

'What chef?' I squeaked....

'Two........................................think! '
'Three............................................ got to always fkn think! Not many fkrs think. You, zit face, hear me? Think all the fkn time!'
His eyes were bulging right into my face, spittle was flying right into my eyes, nose and lips( I dared not wipe it off-he'd have killed me! I was a sprog then....)
As he walked away down the long corridor in the basement in amongst the water and gas pipes and got lost in the receeding darkness, his howling laughter came back to haunt me, dare me.....challenging!

I lived it like I would die if I didn't!

To this day, some thirty years later, I still remember him with affection. He was the best thing ever happened to me!

GO FOR IT........................!!
message posted 04-Oct-11 11:19:57
Hi crazychef

cheers for your message. is there anything you would advice me to do to get to the top? im willing to work 24/7 and do anything it takes to be the best

message posted 10-Jan-12 14:54:26
Hi Scnitzel89, the #1 thing you shouldn't do is work 24/7. 5 days per weeks is enough. The 2 days break is to do your homework if you want to move fast to the top: Visiting top good restaurant even if you can't afford it. Read and join a gym or a different club. Don't work too long in one place, move to a best one even if you have to start as a commi.
message posted 20-Apr-12 19:42:46
you an do it no matter how old you are k Scnitzel89
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