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looking for chef partie job in Bath

message posted 12-Sep-11 17:15:20
I have 15 years experience in kitchen and I need a good position for chef partie in bath-england, because I live here with my familiy. I looked after jobs in my area but I cant to found a job for me, becose I am self employed now. I need some help! Please help me! I need a job urgently.
Lider (head chef) working as executive chef, I had the opportunity to lead teams, to which I had always necessary flair for creating positivity and working conditions without stress, but gloriously marked by impressive achievements, even if subordinates were deprived of in-depth knowledge in their field of activity.

Prompt, obsessed by the rhythm in activity, perseverance, impatient in the face of collective failure, good trainer, with team spirit, group attached, support the team in front of labor disputes, professional development activities focused permanent on modern techniques.
message posted 13-Sep-11 20:16:56
Hi Chef

Firstly you need to add your CV to the Cv section, that way you can apply for anything that turns up.

Also try some other sites
caterer or chefsjobs

I will keep my eye out and forward to you, but register your CV

message posted 13-Sep-11 20:47:58
Hello Chef

Ok. My Cv is available now. In last 2 weeks I looked after jobs, and I send it my Cv and Cover Letters, but the problem is my status in Uk - self employed! Sorry, but I need more few mounths until my status will be finish ( amain, until I will have yellow card-first or blue card ). I'm a good chef with much experience in kitchen, and I cant to found a job for me! I dont want a sous chef position or head chef, I want just commis chef or chef partie. I hope to be fine!

Thank you for your time!
Sergiulette ( my nickname)
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