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Looking for apprenticeship opportunity

message posted 11-Oct-11 11:05:08

I would like to convey my big thanks in advance for replying to my thread. I am 31, female and currently working in a corporate job in MNC for last 8 yrs in marketing team. But finally i decided to take some action for my love for food and cooking. But rather than just straight way quitting my job, i decided to get some exposure of the Chef work life.

In April, 2011 , I took a trainee job in restaurant kitchen in bombay, India since i work in bombay. And then in June- July, 2011 i did a 3 - 4 internship with St. John Bread & Wine and St. John Bar and restaurant. I spent most of the time in their bakery kitchen. It was an amazing experience, unfortunately my visa was getting expired and my annual leave as well.

After coming back, i finally managed to get a part time job in a restaurant kitchen with good bakery kitchen. However current arrangement is offering me limited learning coz lot of prep work happens in the morning.
Hence i have been trying for unpaid internship and apprenticeships in US, europe, singapore to have on the job learning starting from Jan, 2011and also to help me in deciding whether i should take formal education in Pastry or cuisine. I haven't got much positive response on this so far.

This is a big decision for me , even though i am fully sure about it but I still wants to take calculated risk on speciality since i would be spending all my savings of last 8 yrs and every couse cost bomb.

So can you pls help me in securing internship or apprenticeship ? or any words of wisdom.

thanks alot
message posted 11-Oct-11 12:45:49
Hi Aarti

I wish half the Chefs that I met had your courage, passion and conviction.

So firstly well done on what you have achieved so far.

The US and the UK are not that big into apprenteships, they used to be but for some reason they have fallen by the wayside, so Europe seems like the best bet.

France which still produces the best Chefs in the world still opperate an apprenteship system, however having said this, if we gor something in the UK, your employer could also do an NVQ with you, so you would get qualified while you work.

The next thing to mention, is that Michelin chefs, dont have qualifications, they have word of mouth and the reputation of the kitchens they have worked in on their CV.

What I propose, is that you Google search every Michelin starred restaurant in the world and start sending emails, these chefs also started out banging on doors, till one opened.

I will also Facebook this, tweet it and Google plus it.

Hopefully we will be able to get some doors opening for you. !!!

Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 11-Oct-11 12:47:12
Go for it Chef

I will also FB

message posted 11-Oct-11 13:04:46
hi chef,

thanks alot for the reply and encouraging words.

I have been writing to lot of chefs in europe especially in Italy. Infact i happen to meet an Italian chef in person in bombay and explained him my interest and keenness for internship. i am yet to hear from him.

Other big problem i have is my passport, unlike US or UK passport, indian passport has to have visa stamp before i travel to any country. which i can still apply for since i work in a reputed company and can show proper funds to travel.

do you think these restaurants will agree to hire me as intern or apprenticeship and will help me seeking visa for apprentice? otherwise i would have to apply for tourist visa which are usually for 3 months for Europe and may be 6 months for UK.

then do u think these people will take me as intern on tourist visa ?

or can you suggest place in UK for city and guilds diploma /


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