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German Cuisine

message posted 04-Oct-11 11:46:04
What are your views on German cuisine? or what do you think of first when you think of German cuisine?
message posted 05-Oct-11 08:23:14
For me a Schnitzel.

With a fresh wedge of lemon.... nice !

German cuisine is great, pork knuckles are a treat and they have some interesting ideas, with some top quality chefs .
message posted 05-Oct-11 08:32:20
The one chef that springs to mind is Harald Wohlfahrt. Three Michelin stars. I have not been able to eat at his restaurant but i do have one of his books.

As for german cuisine, I think like all european countries, it has blended together with regional twists. It also tends to be influenced by the bordering neighbours.

I suppose being sterotypical I would say their sausages immediatly pops into my head.

Put it this way, i would not go hungry in Germany.
message posted 05-Oct-11 19:17:27
wow didnt expect such positive coments

im german and i been living here in the UK now for 5 years and im trying to create a british menu with a German twist because i wanna show ppl that there is more to german food than sausages and sauerkraut .

any ideas chefs to get me started?

i post my menu on here once im finished

cheers guys
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