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Can i do this?

message posted 23-Nov-11 20:48:43
Hey all, just found this online.
So basically i've been chefing for almost 2 years? I done a short course last year,basically learnt all the basics, and this year i'm doing a higher level, I also work part-time as a chef!
But lately i've been feeling a bit iffy about chefing, i love doing it, i love the pace..But i have ZILCH confidence,like literally none, i don't even share my ideas for a menu or anything because i think everyone will just think it's stupid,i also get very intimidated by other chefs,especially head chefs, i get all stuttery and stupid and do everything i can to not screw something up, but because i'm so scared of mucking up and someone shouting at me..I screw up anyway!
It's starting to really affect my work now..
Anyone else experianced this?
message posted 24-Nov-11 15:25:31
Hey Chef

Ok mate, i am not a shrink, but you need to find a head chef that will nuture your talent. At the minute it sounds like your head chef is a tit, or perhaps can see the talent , feels threatend and is trying to keep you down.

Look a kitchen is a rough place, we all loooose our rag, hell i have thrown my fair share of pans and it probably did scare the hell out of my commis and chef de parties, but at the end of service, and I mean a tough one, I always get a round of drinks in when we are clearing down.

You like the job, you like the kitchen, you need to find the right kitchen / head chef for you.

Hang tough
message posted 08-Dec-11 15:35:21
Hey Chef....
You are not alone, so take heart. We've all been there.....

Have you tried talking to your chef....maybe he doesn't see it as you see it, and is ignorant to your angst. Talking to him does also mean you running the risk of a verbal rant from a runt....and if you are as low, it'd make you cry. Can you handle that?

Like Tcapper says, kitchens are tough, and you have to learn some toughness from somewhere. Put it this way, what's the worst that the chef could do to you? Kill you? No!! it's all just words and play on emotion. If you have this 'got nothing to lose' balls-up attitude, and hold on strong, get get affected by screaming and shouting, instead come back with questions and get clever with your questions###you just might change him#

On the other hand, maybe he really doesnt care for you! Which means find a chef that will care and listen# Don't move jobs till you have a decent one to go to-fkn recession crap!

I once worked with a chef who was adamant my mother was a two penny whore! And for that matter, everybody's mum# His insanity got the better of him as he punched a customer####only one way it was going thereafter####prison and the sack!
You have to have faith in life####don't let another fucker get you down! It is your right to be happy, hardworking, and clever#

Stay Tough and all loved up#
You have to love yourself and believe in yourself before another will love you as you deserve to be loved!

Hang tough#####!!!!
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message posted 10-Dec-11 19:39:55
Exactly what happened to me!!!

I was working in a hotel for 6 months, loved it but hated the way I was treated. I found out that one of the chefs felt intimidated by me as I am young and I had loads going for me, and kept bitching to the headchef, which then turnt on me, as they were not english (Only English in a mixed kiched and only Female!!!). But I let it get the better of me now I am stuck jobless. Worst thing I have done In my life!!! I done college just the same, and that completely different to the "real" world. If cheffing is you're passion you stick to it, otherwise you will regret it and find yourself back on here looking all over again in years to come!!!!
So go with what ur heart is in, and don't let anyone stop you!!!
message posted 10-Jan-12 14:36:43
hey chef, see if you can coupe with the heat. if you are feeling under a lot of pressure but you are still confident that you are going to coupe with it then keep going. If you feel butterflies in your tummy every time you are going to work or you feel that you hate what your doing , get out of the kitchen and don't even say goodbye.
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