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message posted 20-Jul-11 22:08:03
Hi Chefs,

Just new to this, am a lowly commis chef looking for a few ideas as to what to do for a mackerel starter?? Its for a competition I am going to enter but can't come up with anything decent to wow the judges..

any help would be much appreciated!!

message posted 20-Jul-11 22:09:35
Oh dear, I've posted this in the wrong bit, sorry guys!
message posted 21-Jul-11 08:11:30
Have not seen to much with mackerel BUT

Why not do a trio

Fresh pan fried
Pickeled - escabesh

On a rectangle plate - all down the centre

Mackerel goes quite well with beetroot and can take some spicing.

Take five beetroot some ginger, 2 pears and an apple, put into a juicer and extract all the juice, then set as a jelly, when set cut into squares.

Fresh bit of mackerel, pan fried, some micro herbs and then some squares around the plate - Mackerel and beetroot salad.

Mackerel and dill mousse ?

How about - Carpaccio of Mackerel

You will need a fresh fish and pin bone fillet very carefully - then of course thinly sliced for the carpaccio.

Pickle some vegetables in a good cout boullion - vegetables need to be all same size and shape, take your time - carrots, celery, tiny cauliflower florets, when cool stir through some frsh chives and chervil

Carpaccio in centre and neatly placed some pickled veg around the rim.

Hope that is enough to give you a few ideas.

message posted 17-Sep-11 22:22:12
Mackerel Foundant looks really nice try this bro good luck
message posted 17-Feb-12 16:31:44
flame grilled- with sweet potato and watercress puree?
message posted 23-Apr-12 14:14:19
And a little bit of fresh, clean, raw mackerel. Sexy!! Stunning!! Simple, to accentuate the beauty and sincerity of those are at least six ideas you got on your plate....what have you got for your dressing? Something that will carry off all six flavours....or....maybe less is more?

Good luck!! Please tell us as you get along!!!!

Crazy chef!
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