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message posted 16-Jun-11 19:57:28
I wuold like to submit my candidacy for any selection process for Executive Chef.

As you can see in my resume, I'm a Chef in mediterranean an international cusine and possess profound knowledge in modern and traditional cuisine. I'm a bilingual Italian - German almost fluent in Spanish and English. I also have extensive knowledge in HCCP, organization and management.
message posted 17-Jun-11 07:38:21
Hello Chef

Glad to have you on the site, very talented by all accounts.

Just a reminder to add your cv / resume to your account page, when employers search cv's they will be able to find it and contact you.

Also create a job alert and any relevant positions will be forwarded to you.

message posted 13-Jan-12 22:24:36
that would be good if i could upload my c.v.,the site doesn't allow for word doc. only pdf.....and there is no option to reply to messages as i have recieved one asking for my c.v but can't reply,only have delete option ion my message inbox and don't know who sent it..not very user friendly i'm afraid.
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