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Knives for an aspiring chef...

message posted 08-Sep-11 14:30:15
I've just started a college course on professional cookery and was asked to provide my own knife set. I have worked in kitchens before but just basic pub kitchens nothing fancy at all. The sort of work we will be doing means I have to have a good set of knives yet they have to be affordable for someone who's just starting out at college!

So, sorry to drone on but I just wanted opinions from you guys if these (I'll post a link) are any good?

Don't get me wrong I know these won't be the best of the best but do you guys think these will be sufficient for my needs?

Thanks in advance
message posted 08-Sep-11 16:33:36
Hi Chef

I have no experience of these knives, the handles look like a global version, which i find uncomfortable after 15 hours.

However at that price, i dont think you can go wrong.

The thing is to then add to it with different single knives that you pick up along the way.

I do not have two knives from the same brand, as you go along you will find different makes that suit you better for a sole purpose.

Something about the knives you mentioned makes me suspect that the blades will be quite heavy and you may need a stone to keep sharp.

You might have come across them before in the plastic colour coded handels, every know and again you need to use a stone just to get the edge back.

Good luck
message posted 09-Sep-11 10:22:56
Thanks for your help tcapper. I've ordered them. I kinda guessed that it would be a case of everyone to their own! I'll only be using them for 9 hours on a Monday for this year (other than if I'm having a play at home) so didn't want to get some that were too expensive (that will come in time) But again thanks for your quick reply.
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