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Chefs to be aware of:

message posted 09-May-12 12:24:27
Hi Guys,

I have n#been a relief chef for a number of years and recently took on a permanant Head Chef role as it was close to home but as you can imagine, does b#not pay very well at the moment but it's a bit of a project.

Any how, i digress, my question is....... Is there a list of relief chefs, or otherwise, out ther that i should steer clear of? As i have employed a few recently who have either been very bad or brought an attitude to my kitchen that is not in my or in fact their best interests.

If there is, how can i add names to it and if there isn't i would be very willing to start one.

Comments please.
message posted 09-May-12 15:09:16
Hi Doug

I know exactly what you mean, have been there myself and so has a lot of other chefs I imagine. The thing is when i was working the circuit, if we did a good job we would be asked for again and again and the diary would be full, the bad ones though, they still manage to get work..... go figure.

Regards your list, tough call. The problem for me is that because chefsworld would publish it, we would then be liable for "defamation". That is why the rate employers section is completely anonymous and worked on a rating system.

I hear what you are saying and the industry definitely needs one. What I suggest would be maybe a Facebook page, because to take on FB in court will cost a whoooole wad of cash. I would certainly help you promote it,h ere and in chefsworld FB.

Check On !

+ChefsWorld Tim Capper
message posted 13-May-12 10:50:46
Hmmmmm.... As i thought, not really good news and a legal mine field for sure. But maybe if we just kept it to telling stories of bad things that happened during your working day. We could also disguise it by adding funny things that happen also. Just spitballing but am very nkeen to get something up and running on this. Will sleep on it a little more.
Advice welcome
message posted 15-May-12 09:39:32
Hey Doug

That would be fine and a lot of chefs would relate, possible add their own stories to the mix.

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