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Looking for Some Career Advice

message posted 26-Jul-12 17:42:56
Good Day to all,

I am just heading back to the UK after a short break & I am looking for some advice on how to further my culinary career. I am just over 40 years of age & have a Varied career in the catering industry. I was a chef owner of a gastro pub way back in 1996 for 3 years. After that I had a very successful management career in contract catering with Compass at sports venues & was General Manager Catering of the biggest Premier Rugby ground in the midlands for 6 years till 2007. Feeling unchallenged & devoid of being able to further my artistic side I took a break from management & went traveling for nearly 2 years to fulfill a childhood dream. The result was my passion for cooking back & the right decision to move back into my whites.

Back in the UK in 2009 I worked as a sou chef & manager for a small restaurant for a few months, then took on a head chefs role at a small cotswolds pub. It was an amazing learning period for me & extremely rewarding. The owners were fabulous & our small team did the best we could with the size of the business & kitchen we had. The food was modern british with an Asian influence, I am the spice master having spent my childhood in India watching the best chefs in our family cook. We did very well but the size of the business had its limitations so I took the opportunity to go to the US in 2011 for a few months to run a so called Gastro pub, which clearly wasn't. I managed to turn the negative into a positive by working with an award winning chef in Phoenix. With age, experience & desire I guess one learns very quickly, Chef & I clicked straight away & I learnt 2 years worth in 2 months in return for teaching him management! He left due to politics with the owners & I ran the place with a new team for 2 months for them.

So I am left thinking now what? I am at the stage that I want to learn all there is to learn. Yes I can do some temping work when I get back to pay the bills but realistically I do not want my learning to stop. I have a diploma in Hotel Management so the business & financial side comes to me very easy. Culinary wise yes I am very talented & skillful in what I know, but the joy of culinary is that every day I lean a new thing, that is why I do it. Do I look for a stage somewhere, go back to culinary college, take on a another head/sou chefs job or do some casual work to seek out the market?

If there are any Exec Chefs out there that want to give me a try out & career advise I would be happy to come & work for free for a few days & also do all the paperwork that you guys hate!!. I hope to be back in the UK in 2 weeks.

Kind Regards,

message posted 06-Aug-12 12:24:42
Hey Chef

I don't think you are looking for career advice as your post is titled.

I think you are looking for the next challenge :)

I have a chef in mind, that would be good to talk to but he is away on a private yacht for a couple of months but I will Facebook him and hopefully gets in touch.

message posted 23-Jan-13 17:09:55
Well even I am on the same page but i am currently pursuing my bachelors in culinary would like to have an advice on job hunting ..
message posted 15-Apr-13 07:03:22
Good day chef, i am currently in Trinidad and would like very much to continue my development in the uk, how do i go about getting a job, i
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