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minimum wage but why not minimum effort ?

message posted 16-Aug-12 08:44:28
Starting off at college , training as a chef ( UK ) its okay I guess. But its when you find the job you really want and you find out its the worst. I am currently 19 years old , chef from Yorkshire in England. I have won a few compititions and I am highly experianced with the fine dining world but is it what everybody wants ? Does everybody wake up every morning and say yes , I want to go to work , peel carrots and chop potatoes or de-shell pea's for 4 hours ? Is that what I really want , and to top it off on salary which was worth 2.69 a hour GBP. Which to all americans reading . Fuck all , half of our minimum wage. So I am putting off from cooking in restaurants for now , because is it worth it ? The effort and the hasel. I'm going to University next year to do my degree in culinary arts then do my Masters degree. Is it just england who feels that the fake french chefs in england are stuck up there own arses and need to get a life. Is it worth moving to the states and having a work visa , othersise could somebody share some light on the matter

Many thanks
message posted 21-Aug-12 20:23:16
Hi Aaron

Man i can feel your frustration.

It is worth it !. You sound like you have your head screwed on and know what you want.

I would say you will find the same situation in the states also, perhaps worse.

However I am going to place a caveat on this. In the Uk we have more Michelin stars and some seriously strong chefs that you can learn from.

I think the head chefs that you are working under are not worth working for. A great head chef (still minimum wage) will mentor teach and inspire you, then they will recommend you to other head chefs up the chain.

I started in Zurich, i begged and pleaded and got a job.... there was no minimum wage, I worked for my meals and a room, no pay. i worked like this for 12 months and then was recommended on to another chef in Cannes, this time i got paid, but not much.

I moved around the continent like this, I never once ever applied for a job, my head chefs moved me up the chain all the way.

So what am i getting at ?

Find the right head chef, do your research, find out who you would like to work for and then contact them, the whole list and keep going.

It is worth it, have faith and well done for getting this far.

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