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message posted 16-Jan-07 10:31:46
Dear CW,
A commparison again,it would be nice to be able to click on the name of a poster to view their profile,who, where,what,hobbies etc,C2C have this on their site, the members can choose what information to display to others,while the full version is only available to the site management.
ps dont forget the shout box.

luv Bear, xxx
message posted 16-Jan-07 18:51:39
Hey bear !

Im glad you found the site and especially happy that you are using the site.
All your suggestions are being filed away, for future use.

I'll just explain about ChehsWorld, we are a private company, what I mean by that is all the other chef forums are funded by a magazine, we dont have this capital flowing in.

I am a freelance chef so as the money comes in I put it into the site, so things might be a bit slower in changing than other sites. I hope you understand.
We have hundreds of registered users but I think UK chefs are a bit slower using forums.

Keep it up, its great and refreshing to read your posts.

P.S I hope my spelling is a bit better, would'nt want to be called a muppet again.

Cheers and Thanks
message posted 22-Jan-07 18:33:37
Chef Profile

Bear thought you might like to know the we are working on a basic chefs profile to be included shortly

message posted 19-Apr-08 00:34:49
Not being pushy....I do understand everyone is busy.....
how's it coming along.....?????
Profiles....etc etc....

Big Love

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