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kman - Sous Vide 599 - Are You Crazy ?

message posted 03-Dec-11 12:42:20
Hi All

I came across an advert for (Preferred polyscience distributor for the UK)

I took a look at the prices and ok, for some of the stuff, they are scientific instruments made robust for a kitchen, the prices i would say were ok, bur Sous Vide, come on.

Lets face it sous vide is boil in the bag, I came across this 20 years ago in Switzerland where they pioneered it to re warm military rations.

So the point of this post, how to make a sous vide machine for a fraction of the cost. Us "real" chefs are used to thinking about how to create something from nothing, so chefs, start thinking.

Take one second hand vac pac - 50

Take one cheap, Lincat perhaps, table top deep fat fryer - 120

Thats it !

Fill the deep fat fryer with water (not oil), the thermostats start from 60 deg.

Set the temp you want, start your timer and voila !!

So i mark up my price by another 50% because of sous vide but have saved myself 400 quid....Job done, home made sous vide, that is just as good as your fancy 4 times the price one.

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