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French fries (chips)

message posted 11-Jan-12 02:37:57
Hello guys,
I am looking to start a fast food vending business, selling fries across the town. However, I would like to ask whether fries would remain fresh and crispy for hours after being fried and kept in a food warmer (in hot temperatures).
message posted 11-Jan-12 09:06:37
Not for hours.

You might have an hour tops, before they dry out, because you said at hot temperature. Like wise, if you kept at a lower temperature they would go soggy.

You would also loose money if you did not sell all the product and also if someone got a not so nice bag of fries because they had been sitting there for hours they might not use you again.

So when you first open do not do large amounts that way you will always be rotating the stock level and always pretty fresh and tasty.

Once you have been going for a month you will have a better understanding of busy days and times, then you will be able to anticipate how much to prepare for when.

Good luck !
message posted 11-Jan-12 13:36:19
Hey Kman,
Thanks for your reply. The other option I had in mind was to sell hot dogs using the hot dog vending carts. But am not really sure if hot dogs business will work out well in London...what do you reckon?
message posted 11-Jan-12 13:47:27
It all depends on location.

I personally love a good hot dog, got to get the right mustard though.

Outside pubs and clubs, always a good market at night.
message posted 23-Jan-13 17:06:58
Well the best way to make french fries is by first simmering them fries then dehydrating them then cooking them in low temp then cooling then again cooking them in high temp you get a glassy finish and perfect crisp outer with smooth inner ,,,,
message posted 24-Mar-15 11:20:43
Wouldnt think this a great idea as staying fresh is something that Fries dont do. ever came home from a chipshop with the fries wrapped ??? seem kind of damp dont they. mind you there are plenty of technologies out there to keep a level of freshness going. There is some catering company called Kudos Delivered that are quite good at this sort of thing. they parade under the name "best catering" in the UK and they only deliver so must know a thing or 2, pizza travels better which explains how the industy is more or less delivery focused. Friies might be harder to do.
message posted 24-Mar-15 11:31:40
I think trial and error is the best way forward.

A balance needs to be found between, preparation time, length of delivery time. etc etc

Frying chips twice will ensure they remain crunchy and crisp on the outside for longer. First, allow them to simmer in hot water until they are soft. Leave them to cool and refrigerate for half an hour. Next, deep fry at 130F for a few minutes until they seem dry on the outside but before they start to turn brown. Drain them and let them cool again before frying one last time at the higher temperature of 190F.

Every chip will go soggy in the end, if left wrapped for delivery too long.

Find the perfect balance
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