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chef Antony Worrall Thompson, A Crime unpunished?

message posted 10-Jan-12 14:26:49
I found this blog by Alex Andreou : Nicolas Robinson. He is the 23-year-old who was arrested for stealing water worth 3.50 from Lidl during the London Riots. He did not participate in the Riots - he was walking home from his girlfriend's house, passed by an already burgled Lidl and, in a moment of monumental stupidity, decided to help himself to some bottled water. He had no previous convictions, was in full-time education and entered a "guilty" plea. He was sent down for six months.
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 10-Jan-12 17:13:38
Hi Carlos

It is always the same, one rule for them and another for us..... !

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