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message posted 28-Aug-06 13:52:40
Thank you for joining ChefsWorld

This site is a result of my personal passion to empower and honour Chefs. For many years I have worked in kitchens that appeared to have been built as an afterthought, with limited space, bad design and the resulting difficult work spaces. You then jump to the extreme with massivly overdesigned kitchens. I have also experienced, as you may have, being taken advantage of, not acknowledged and bad pay.

As my life evolved to include a family, my passion was no longer enough to keep me in the kitchen and I realised that if enough chefs felt the way I did and had a platform to communicate with one another, then there is a chance for chefs to actively start changing their own industry through standing together and demanding their rights.

This is the reason for creating this forum. It's a place for us to chat, share resources and information, educate and find a different breed of employer and ultimately, to create a platform for Chefs of this World to communicate with one another.

This site also aims to put employers and Chefs into direct contact with one another, cutting out agencies and fees and creating a communication channel that gives you both more control over your working enviroment.

To make this work, we need enough chefs like you to use this site and make it the one and only place to search for chefs. Once critical mass is reached, you can negotiate your own terms and fate.

So welcome to your world. It really is your world, so please drop us an email or post your suggestions and improvements that you would like to see happen and we will respond. Email

message posted 23-Oct-06 00:06:30
i just discovered your site and thought it was a good idea, so i want to pour out my chef problems to you!
i have been looking for a chef for about 4 months, a chef de partie position for a gastro pub, and am becoming increasingly frustrated, ive seen so many interviews, wasted my time with trials, i cannot find some one who knows basic stuff or any one who has any enthusism for food, i ve come to the conclusion this industry is fucked, WHERE ARE THE GOOD CHEFS?
ive worked so hard to start a buisness, and i am the head chef, and im working like a donkey day after day because i cant find anybody, is every kitchen in london in the same position? am i missing something, at the moment im useing the standard, gumtree and have an ad in westminster college, what else can i do?

there just seem to be idiots out there that go from kitchen porter to second chef in one step, that dont know how to make risotto properly, fillet a fish or make a stock
its so depressing,
mitchels and butler pubs have a lot to answer for( for the way they dumb down the chefs abilitys, from the freezer to the fryer, the packet to the microwave) for the shit they turn out and people think they're chefs,
am i alone? some one help me!
message posted 24-Oct-06 13:33:06

Unfortunatly Caroline you are not alone, apart from this site I work as a freelance relief chef, I would have no work if people had chefs.

The industry is in dire need of chefs, the catering colleges churn out untrained, unqualified chefs. Why?. For each chef they pass and believe me they all pass, the college recieves their money.

Secondly the money in the industry is pretty poor. (National average wages, forum) and any chef worth his salt gravitates towards the money, they can literaly pick and choose now.

This doesnt solve your problems now but as ChefsWorld gets going and becomes a player in the marketplace we hope to address these problems.

In the short term, place an ad on ChefsWorld (Employer section) free for next 90 days.

Register your kitchen on the Network section, this will allow chefs, commis, students to gain experience in a working kitchen and see new things. You never know who might contact you.

Keep your chin up, lets us know how you get on.
message posted 29-Nov-06 15:07:48
Good day all,

Wish I could help you Caroline but I'm in California. I worked with a lot of UK chefs when I was in New Zealand though.

It would seem you'd have a good chance of finding someone by contacting culinary schools. Many of them have posting boards alumni will look for employment on. Also, the chef instructors will know people.

I find that networking is more effective in finding good staff than straight advertising.

Good luck.
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