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Johnson & Swarbrick (Poultry suppliers)

message posted 19-Mar-07 13:09:35
Our Products

Our range includes Poultry, Game and speciality products cut to customer requirements in our licensed process plant.

Goosnargh Goose
All our Geese are Free Range and are free to wander round the fields grazing on the grass. They are then finished off via our own recipe feeds, mixed in our own mill, which are free from any additives, growth promoters, antibiotics or medication. This produces a top quality bird, that develops at a natural rate and makes it so desirable. They are housed in secure shelter at night for their own protection.

Goosnargh Duckling
Our policy re the production of the noted Goosnargh Duckling is not for free range, but to house them in open roomy barns, with natural ventilation and fresh straw bedding every day. This prevents the need for any foodstuffs having to be medicated. This plus our specially formulated feeds, produce a Duckling that gives a high meat to bone ratio with a notably low fat content and are much sought after.

Goosnargh corn fed Chicken
As with our famous Duckling, the corn fed Chickens are housed in open barns in a clean environment and fed to our own recipe via our own mixing mill.

Goosnargh corn fed Turkey
These have the real Turkey taste. Again, they are produced on our farm, reared naturally with a slow growth rate to achieve that special taste not found in many of todays supermarkets.

Game products are obtained from Estate Shoots within the Lancashire area and are available fresh when in season.
Pricing and delivery

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