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Blythburgh Free Range Pork

message posted 19-Mar-07 13:12:16
Raised nature's way in open fields Blythburgh Free Range Pork brings traditional flavour to your table. Whatever you prefer, sausages, bacon, joints or chops you can be assured that whether you buy direct from the farm or from your local butcher you will be getting the finest quality.

GM free and non organic this high welfare pork gives premium quality at an affordable price.

All Blythburgh Free Range Pigs are born on the sandy soils of the Suffolk coast alongside the Blyth Estuary near the town of Southwold. After three to four weeks with their mothers they are fit and strong enough to meet the world and it is from this point on that a Blythburgh Free Range Pig lives a very different life. Each pig has over an acre to roam with its peers. An acre to root, play and grow. An acre with a never-ending supply of food and water. An acre complete with warm strawed and insulated huts to keep off the winter chill and muddy wallows to keep off the heat of the sun.

How much is an acre? An acre is 4840 square yards or originally the area one man could farm in medieval times. An acre is 80 times more space than an indoor pig enjoys. An acre, in planning terms, is sufficient to build at least 14 houses or 20 if you are in the middle of a city.

We like to think that you do things better if you take your time about it, so we let Blythburgh Free Range Pigs grow at their own rate. When you taste the firm succulent meat that is Blythburgh Free Range Pork we think you will agree, it is well worth the wait. They grow as nature intended we don't pump them full of hormones, nor do we use antibiotics as a matter of course.

Lets Talk Real Free Range Pork

All Free Range pigs are reared outdoors but not all outdoor reared pigs are Free Range. Outdoor reared pigs are born out in the fields, but once weaned are fattened in conventional indoor sheds. A Free Range pig on the other hand spends its whole life outdoors growing the way nature intended and it is this that gives Blythburgh Free Range Pork its distinctive flavour.

Ask any good cook about meat and they will tell you the secret is in the juice. It is the juice that helps give the meat its mouth-watering flavour and Blythburgh Free Range Pork is big on juice. It is the way they're bred as well as the way they're reared, by using traditional selective breeding techniques, Blythburgh Free Range Pigs have evolved so that the meat retains its juice right until it sits on the plate.


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