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Denham Estates (Game suppliers)

message posted 19-Mar-07 13:00:12
The Denham Estate occupies 1200 acres of picturesque Suffolk countryside with a herd numbering up to 3000 Fallow deer which have inhabited this region since their introduction in Norman times.
The Denham Herd is internationally recognised as one of the elite fallow deer herds of the world.

It is the largest herd in Europe and is acknowledged as a leading example of deer farming undertaken in keeping with the foremost principles of animal welfare and good husbandry.

The Denham Estate offers a range of produce of a high standard of excellence, supplying many of the finest hotels, restaurants and culinary establishments in London and south east England.
In addition to Denham Fallow Venison the Denham Estate is in a position to offer Wild Red and Roe Venison, Game and also Apple Juice made from home grown apples, as well as Rare Breeds Meat.

The principle of personal supervision and attention to detail during each
phase in the development of the produce is the hallmark of Denham Fallow Venison. Fallow venison is considered by many gourmets and cognoscenti to be the supreme venison on account of its unique delicate flavour and fine texture, indeed, Auguste Escoffier, the finest chef in the world in his day, stated that Fallow venison 'has no equal as far as delicacy and tenderness are concerned'

The Denham Estate also enjoys exclusive concessions on a number of parks and estates specially selected for the quality of their wild deer herds. This enables the Denham Estate the opportunity of providing customers with the full range of venison options including Wild Red and Roe Venison.

Deliveries to East Anglia, to London and the Thames Valley are made in the estate's own refrigerated transport ensuring a guaranteed level of service directly to the customer.


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