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National Earnings

message posted 28-Aug-06 14:42:05
These statistics really wind me up and just proves to me the need for ChefsWorld.

According to the 2005 National earnings league.

Chefs rank at 284 with the average salary of 16,415

The National average salary is 28,210

It takes three years to train as a chef in a UK college. In Switzerland your commis apprentaship lasts five years.

Below is a list of people who earn more than a Chefs average and this should really wind you up.


Assemblers and routine operators 16,631 282
Bus and coach drivers 19,548 227
Comunication operators 24,464 158
Counter clerks 18,953 239
Farmers 19,484 229

The list goes on

Filing Clerks
Housing officers
Industial cleaning operators
Lorry driver
Road sweeper
Telephone salesperson
Traffic wardens
Van drivers

and on and on

the industry has taken the piss out of Chefs for toooo long, together with ChefsWorld we can make a difference.
message posted 11-Jan-07 04:17:26
I' sure we all agree,but some of the college's turn out would be hard pressed to command KP's wages although they think they're the best thing since cold process creme pat,
message posted 11-Jan-07 13:42:19
Hey Bear

The biggest problem I have with the colleges here is the NVQ everybody passes and nobody fails, so how does the employer know which to choose.
Secondly catering in colleges is not pushed as a serious profession, plus they get paid to go to college, 50 a week, or something stupid like that.

I have so little faith in the colleges now, that I will not hire from college, rather take someone on as an appretince and work his way up to commis and so on, I give them a book called 'classical cooking the modern way' by Eugene Pauli which covers all basic cooking methods (something the colleges dont feel necessary) and I work through the book, this usually takes about three years but I know that my staff have the basics knowelage to progress.

In six years I have progresed two guys and one girl through my system. Last year i needed a new sous all the people that applied were college background and I have to say that all my commis could have done a better working interview than them. I found a new sous, pure genious, but funnily he also worked his way up no college crap.

Whats the solution, I'm not really sure to be honest, maybe scrap them all together and let private industry start there own courses for chefs.

Will it work, I dont know but I'm sure they will produce better chefs than the moment.
message posted 16-Jan-07 10:21:05
Ah yes the dreaded NVQ (not very qualified) colleges have become a buisness and the poor beggars stuck in them have to justify every penny, getting results on paper.What use is this when the "qualification" is'nt worth the paper it's written on,most instructors have been through the mill and know their stuff but how long will it be before the instructors are the muppets that are getting the NVQs.That will be when, like yourself we all ignore the colleges and go back to the old fashioned apprenticeship scheme and the only recomendation will be" who have you worked for".
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