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Too much work for one.

message posted 11-Aug-14 19:24:25
Hi My name is Linda. I have just started a job which was supposed to be helping a chef. When I started the help transpires to be giving the chef two days of and I do the two days on my own. I'm not a trained chef so this come as sheer hard work.

I have to prepare all the vegetables in the morning when i arrive at 7.30, do two main meals for forty residents in a care home, everything is prepared from scratch so I also have to make the pastry for the desserts and make cakes. at 12.30 I have to take the two heated trolleys down and then serve the residents, go back up to the kitchen and go down and serve the desserts. I also have to get their teatime menu ready. Wash everything up, clean the kitchen, the sanitize it and mop the floors. I fight against the clock so I don't have any break

Example of yesterdays day Sunday
7.30 I arrived and put the joint of beef and chickens in the oven. Peel all the vegetables, potatoes, carrot, cabbage. Yorkshire puddings, stuffing balls had to be made. I then had to make pastry and whip the cream. Make two trifles and made two fruit flans for the dessert. When the meat was ready it had to be carved up and the trolleys filled to be served at 12.30 No time for a break!!!

Took the two trolleys downstairs, one to the ground floor and one to the first floor and dish up the food and serve the 40 people. As soon as thats done I had to go and get the trifles that I had made and bring them down and serve them up as well.

After that was done I had to wash up all the pots, pans, serving dishes etc. I then had to make two quiches, two more flans, grate all the veg for two bowls of home made cole slaw , do more potatoes and onions for two bowls of potato salad and make 48 fairy cakes. After washing up that lot, I had to clean all the appliances and sanitize the kitchen and mop the floors. I eventually left the building at 16.05 and had no time to have a break as I had to do this all on my own. 8 and 1/2 hours in total. Is this amount of work for one person legal?????

This home are having trouble keeping staff, doesn't that tell them something. A chef from an Agency turned up one Sunday, he asked where his assistant was and he was informed that there is none he had to do all the preparation, cooking, serving, washing up, sanatizing himself. HE WALKED OUT Can't blame him!!!!

I would just like to add I'm not a chef, I do (did) enjoy cooking but I really think I'm being exploited. I am 60 this year and finding this a bit too much. I just wanted a few hours work a week to earn a bit of money. I have to do two weekdays and every other weekend. I'm thinking of calling the Health and Safety council to see if this is legal

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