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*** Councillor tries to ban Foie Gras in York *****

message posted 24-Jan-07 21:41:44
NOTE : This is being voted on tomorrow, so not final !

Councillors in York will be asked tomorrow (25 January 2007) to remove foie gras from the menus of all the city's restaurants.

Mr Paul Blanchard (Labour councillor) calls on the council to declare that, " this intolerably cruel and painful practice is unnecessary and should end". It urges the city to ,"do as much as reasonably possible to discourage or prohibit the sale of foie gras within the authority area".


I honestly cannot believe that this has a possability of happening, wether you agree or disagree with the practice of farming, by banning this, it will only lead to the question of what will be next, we cannot allow people to decide what we can and cannot eat.

Last year they banned the sale of foie gras in Chicago (usa). Some restaurants who never even sold foie gras, now sell a $30 piece of toasted brioche, the restaurant then provides complimentary foie gras. There is now a higher demand for it than there ever was.


Here is the link for the councillors contact details if you feel realy upset, it is interesting to note that Paul Blanchard's are not listed, coward!

message posted 24-Jan-07 22:09:43

Having just spoken to the leader of the council Mr Steven Galloway, the fact are this.

The decision wont be taken tomorrow but rather refer it to independant expert for investigation, wich will take up to six months. Secondly he told me that the council has no powers to prohibit the sale of a legally produced product.

So what is the point? I am not to sure but to be on the safe side if you want to make your opinion known you can find all meetings, decisions and contact details on :

What Do You Think ?????
message posted 25-Jan-07 21:50:51
The Foie Gras Debate

Whilst the move to ban foie gras from our restaurant menus is based on sound animal anti-cruelty ethics, a further debate is raised and that is: “what happened to personal choice?”

We at ChefsworldTM disagree with the farming methods for foie gras. We also disagree with steroid usage in the dairy and beef industry, genetically modified foods and battery chicken farming.

But the issue at hand is really about information and education. If consumers are given the information on the ingredients and components of foods, cosmetics, textiles and materials, then they are given the power to choose.

Says Patrick Holford Director at Soil Association, the United Kingdom’s leading environmental charity promoting sustainable, organic farming and championing human health: “Real change always happens from the ground up. It's how the organic movement was born and I think it's how it will further develop in its next chapter.”

Worldwide, there is a move towards sustainable business and agricultural practices. This is not Government, retail or supply driven, it is consumer driven.

ChefsworldTM does not dictate to its readers. We offer information in order to educate and inform, rather than enforce.

The foie gras debate is therefore far more than an attempt to outlaw cruelty to animals. It is potentially another removal of choice. Why not disseminate accurate information through multiple communication channels and allow the population to decide?

This release conveys the opinion of the founders of ChefsworldTM. For further enquiries or information, email:
message posted 23-Mar-07 23:49:02
Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is to remove foie gras from his menu,

Foie gras and any other luxury item these days is fair game.

Wolfgang Puck it seems is also looking for his slice of the feel good PR. Organic Foie Gras has been available for some time, but like all natural organic product it cost a lot more than the mass produced equivalent.

If Wolfgang Puck removed normal foie gras and replaced it with more expensive organic / natural foie gras this would not generate the feel good PR.

In this case Organic and Free Range is not feel good PR and left outside to scratch around for dinner.

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