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ChefsWorld 2006 “Tastes and Trends” Survey Results

message posted 25-Jan-07 09:55:41
We have finaly completed the survey and we would like to thank all chefs who took the time to complete the survey. After months of waiting enjoy !

ChefsWorld recently undertook a survey to review trends that emerged in the kitchen in 2006. 437 UK chefs and 108 international chefs took part in the survey.

A summary of the survey results is as follows:

Locally sourced products exploded onto menu’s in 2006. 87% of chefs feel that this trend will continue to grow. Organic and ethical ingredients will also continue to grow in popularity in 2007.

Fat is back in cooking with 92% of chefs feeling that they can get back to the serious business of flavour, taste and textures.

Sous vide or cryovacking tried to rear its head again in 2006, 64% of chefs felt it should go back to the eighties and stay there for good.

An interesting piece of equipment that chefs would like in their kitchen is the Thermomix. 74% believed this piece of kit would increase in popularity together with the Pacojet

72% of chefs said they may start experimenting with molecular gastronomy in 2007.

Only 61% of UK based chefs achieve job satisfaction versus 89% of international chefs. This is not a surprise as 85% of UK based full time chefs spend over 53 hours in the kitchen and only 29% receive overtime pay. However, 55% believed that employers were starting to realise that the chef is the backbone of the business.

1% of chefs knew that the peanut is part of the legume family and unrelated to other nuts!
ChefsWorld a world created by chefs for chefs.


message posted 21-Feb-07 13:02:20

I am having a great time with the peanut info.

Everytime a customer asks if there are nuts in the dish, I love asking which ones in particular and inveriable they also say peanuts. I then point out that the peanut is a legume (vegetable) and ask if there are any other vegetables that they are allergic to!

Actual peanut facts :

message posted 21-Apr-08 14:50:23
"Only 61% of chefs achieve job satisfaction"

According to trade and industry stats there are approx 700 000 chefs in the Uk, this means that there are 273 000 unhappy and pissed of chefs out there.

The country is very lucky that we work weekends, can you imagine 273 000 pissed of and unhappy chefs on the streets on a friday night !!!


Lets all go out next Friday night.

message posted 21-Apr-08 23:48:10
That would be most brilliant......knowing chefs....we'd be rat-assed till Tuesday Morning.
That would teach them a thing or two....!!!!


crazy chef.....
message posted 21-Apr-08 23:55:01
People, I tried molecular cooking and it did not stir me much....I hit a flat!!!!
Zero! I felt a fraud.....sorry.....
Am I like zombied? Or retarded.....?
Then again, guys, see the Great British menu-pea shoots with everything ????????
Same salad, same shoots and same garnish every cookout-there is a very uniform cloning of mentality-I don't mean wrong -but is too ........................(help!).....but those that go through(Nigel, Stephen,....etc) seem to have a strong grasp of non-trendy cooking......can it be too much?
Am I mad or is food so arty and over touched, detexturised, get smoke bombs of asparagus...hey....everyone seems to be on about real honest food....I understand fashion and trends and etc...but....folks.....
mozzarella is mozza...beautiful as is.. wonderful with a bit of salt pepper tomatoes and basil, and a great bottle of pinot......why de-constitute it? Surely......
I don't know-well I do!!!-but.....all the fancy art on plates leaves a real man hungry.....I'd be stressing if I fancied a burger after forking out a couple hundred.......
By the same token, there was once 'nouvelle cuisine'-......have we gone full circle in concept?

I know....I must be probably the only one......such is life....

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