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just starting out as a pot washer

message posted 04-Apr-13 17:54:06
hi guys just want some advice if ok i just got a job that starts next month as a pot washer i want to become a chef in a number of years time can you give me any advice on how to impress the chefs in their and the head chef im 31 and say im not a type of person to mess around i just want to learn and learn as i do have a passion for cooking just never thought id get taken on as i had no experience in a kitchen (plasterer by trade) so any advice will be used also even though ill be a pot washer can i take a note book to take a few notes in the kitchen or will it offend a chef thanks
message posted 04-Apr-13 22:08:06
Hi normski

One of the most important roles in the kitchen is the pot wash, think about it, you are in charge of the most important parts of the machine. Without looking after, the kitchens assets will be money down the drain.

When i trained in switzerland the kitchens used to pay pot washes a yearly bonus based on asset retention, and it was in the thousands.

Right back on track.

Hard work always impresses chefs, but there will be down time, those afternoon shifts on a slow day, pay attention, ask questions - stroke a little ego (chef pschcology).
Most of the best chefs i know all started in the pot wash, five of them have michelin stars now.

take a note book, PERFECT, ask for recipies, keep an eye open, question, learn and i recon you will be in some whites within 6 months.

Good luck ..... Chef !
message posted 05-Apr-13 15:05:12
hi tcapper firstly thank you for your reply
and i will most defiantly be getting my head down asking questions learning also as i like cooking, everything i will be learning ill try to perfect at home when i have the time and i hope to become a trainee soon but as long as i start from the bottom in years to come hopefully ill be in that dream position i long as i can ask without offending the chef then thats great.
and thank you again have a good day boss
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