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Looking for advicebŒ

message posted 03-Jul-13 09:56:56
Hi everyone,

I would like some advice on a few things really, I've been a chef now for 12 years and started my career as commis in a 2 rosette restaurant in nottingham and stopped for around a year, but then moved to a bar/restaurant in mansfield that didn't have any accolades but we did serve good fresh bar food and a a la carte menu in the evening. I left there last year 2012 to become head chef under the impression that my new employers wanted to become a good fresh food pub but that isn't exactly the truth.
I have a wife, 2 children and a mortgage to pay for but I would like to get back into rosette cooking or even into a good fresh food pub/restaurant, I wouldn't even mind dropping down to chef de partie level again but every job i've looked at want experience a rosette level, my experience at that level was nearly 10 years ago so I think I wouldn't be suited for them?
And also I've been thinking about possible live in positions, but because I haven't done that before I wouldn't know if I would be able to pay for my mortgage and bills at home?

Thanks for any advice
Kind regards

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