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Introducing Checkit

message posted 17-Jun-13 16:19:49
Checkit is a revolutionary new approach to food safety and hygiene task monitoring. Using intelligent wireless sensor technology, it simplifies your monitoring processes, saving time and delivering maximum food standards and quality.

In the food production, service and retail industries, providing a quality product at a competitive price is paramount and public perception of your brand depends entirely on the quality of your food. Balancing quality and price has never been more challenging with profit margins continually squeezed by the cost of labour, food and overheads. Not to mention the growing costs of maintaining your food safety management system and food safety monitoring processes to protect against litigation in the event of a claim for a food-borne illness.

That's why we designed Checkit. It provides the complete wireless monitoring solution for cold storage, food and hygiene checks. Intelligent sensor technology and automated monitoring mean fewer manual checks, no more paper based reports for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliance and instant wireless alerts for critical food safety issues. Once it's recorded you can go back to your data months or years later for peace of mind.

Our pre-configured Checkit wireless technology is an out of the box user installable solution that's quick and easy to set up, avoiding the cost of professional installation. Fixed Checkit sensors ensure continuous automated cold storage monitoring, while flexible handheld sensor collect data at the press of a button using customised HACCP menus for food temperature and hygiene checks.

Your feedback is very welcome.
message posted 18-Jun-13 18:56:36
Sounds like it ticks all the boxes. Nice Job
message posted 19-Jun-13 11:54:29
Thanks for your response, is it a system you might consider looking at? If so leave your restaurant details and I will contact you.
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