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I was looking for some help and advice.

message posted 11-Oct-13 13:04:13

Im sure you have probably been asked this a million times but I was looking for some help and advice on the best way to start a career as a chef?

Im coming into this quite later on in life as Im 36. Hopefully this wont present to much of a problem.

Ive been looking at various things online trying to figure out the best route to take. Ive seen a few trainee jobs that ive been thinking about applying for.

Do you think it would be best to just get straight into it and apply for a job or should I do some kind of training?

What would be the best course to apply for if I was to go down the training route?

I dont have any experience working in a kitchen (beside my home one!) so I would be starting at the bottom.

Thanks in advance,


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