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The Real Expose

message posted 03-Jul-13 15:13:54
Hello Everyone,
My name is Joshua Ratcliffe,
I was a chef de cuisine for along time in australia.
I have looked at this site for some time, but I have registered and am posting for the first time to share something with you, some of you maybe interested.
I have always had a passion for food like all chefs, but i have become frustrated with our food industry here in my country.
I dont cook anymore professionally, instead I am trying my darndest to educate the public on how tough it is to be a chef, and how it really works.
I feel that good food is something that should be shared with all willing to learn, so many people are led astray by Television and bad cook books.
So I have taken what I have learned and done throughout my career and begun to make it easier for the general public to understand.
I thought I would share my approach and take feed back from the industry as well as raise awareness for some of the people who have fallen victim to the rigours of what we do, ranging from drugs to depression.
I am not selling anything or advertising, just spreading the word.
There is an ebook I think many of you would enjoy, and I have just launched a website that I have big plans for.
Its all free, I think that people need to know the truth and really should have a little more respect for us.
You wont find high level dishes or examples, this is not its purpose but if you think that we deserve more credit than being considered as mere servants, let your voice be heard.
Join me in show everyone that we are people too!
I have told my story and you should to.

the book is here
the site is here
like the facebook page @
or add me as a friend @

thanks! and i hope to hear from lots of you!
message posted 03-Jul-13 15:24:49
Sorry, those links are wrong.

good start huh ? lol.
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