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French Chef looking for a job

message posted 13-Aug-13 13:31:27
My name is Cyrille i'm french executive Chef de cuisine, 39 years old, single,
bilingual French ,English ,Spanish
I'm a Very serious and professional chef .

1990-1995 Graduate in kitchen and management in a french culinary school
for 5 years (Gerardmer Vosges)

1996-1998 I cut my teeth with Chef Bernard loiseau "3 stars michelin" at
the cote d'or Saulieu , under the supervision of Chef Patrick Bertron i
work for 2 years like Commis de cuisine .

1998 - 2000 After that nice and rich experience i move for Ketermind
Denmark for a small and pretty nice restaurant "Rudolf Mathis" to work 2
years like chef de partie tournant. I work and learn a lot with and for a
very good danish chef " Puk Lyskjaer ".

During the last 13 years i work in Africa, Canada, Usa, Mexico, Caribe
rumania in 5 star Hotel and restaurant , i use all i learn with Chef B. loiseau and Chef Puk L. and i become who i'm. A professional Chef passionate about this job ,a pedagogue, i love
learning and teaching my knowledge.
message posted 06-Dec-14 02:25:42
Very impressive resume'! I hope you found something.
message posted 26-Jan-15 09:20:02
very impressive. Would you like to start up a restaurant in Namibia. in the capital city or coastal towns? I have a concept in mind already.
message posted 10-Mar-15 04:04:44
Hi Cyrille

Just wondering if you are still looking for a job. Will you consider working in Australia?
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