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ASDA slams chefs for using monkfish

message posted 07-Feb-07 09:26:45
Asda (supermarket) has pulled monkfish from its counters because of dwindeling stocks. They also criticiesd chefs for serving monkfish.

This is absolutly rediculose, there is no evidence to support this, even the head of fisheries went on to say there is no evidence.
Asda and other supermarkets who pressure suppliers to supply meat, fish and dairy at prices below what they can bairly turn a profit.
The supermarkets who have eradicated local butchers, bakers and greengrocers, these are the supermarkets that import non seasonal items across the world and put them in unnecessary packaging.

These are the supermarkets who have led to the decline of people being interested in food and consuming thousands of E numbers a year.

I Think Asda should look at themselves before pissing chefs off.

message posted 20-Mar-07 22:39:28
Ok so I shop at ASDA (part of walmart family for USA chefs reading this)

Anyway so I walk up to the fish counter last sunday and ask the guy there for some monkfish, he kind of looks at me like Im from Mars and then asks me to hang on while he checks his stock list. Eventualy he comes back and says that he does not think they have ever stocked it and to perhaps check the frozen section.

I did this to see if ASDA was just looking for PR and blaming chefs, well I just proved my theory, ASDA was just pulling a fast one for PR and not for 'dwindling fish stocks'.
And lets face it, monkfish is probably the ugliest fish (Cherie Blair excluded but she is a human) and if they did put a monkfish on the counter people would probably run a mile.

Has anyone ever seen monkfish on sale at their fish counter ?

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