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new chef saying hello!

message posted 25-Oct-10 13:59:35
afternoon all!

ive just got my first job as a commis chef! im very excited but also mega nervous. i have done a couple of days in my new chef role, but i have only handed my notice in at my office job this morning! its all such a big change for me, its scary!

i have loved the last couple of days, and i felt right at home in the kitchen, i cant wait to start full time!

well, just thought id say hello anyway, im sure i will need some support off you guys at some point - im sure there will come a time when i question why the hell i did this and gave up my cushy office job! haha!!

take care,

message posted 28-Oct-10 11:16:48
Good Luck Chef !!

Drop us a line anytime, keep your head down, take notes and learn, learn and learn !
message posted 03-Nov-10 08:30:57
thanks! just trying to keep my head down and keep asking for the next job as soon as ive finished the first!
ill keep you updated on my progress TonyD! :)
message posted 13-Dec-10 11:29:07
Could only get better, old man, could only get better.....

Head down works well...sometimes you will wish it to disappear like a tortoise's....but when you come back out again on the other side....whoa!!!!! What a rush!!!! Learning is the best thing.......after life......

Incidentally, have you got a structured career plan?
Cheffing is often hapharzardous....fall in and out of jobs for whatever reason. Stay focussed...follow your plan......

If I had....I'd be bigger than the saying goes, all over.....see, he had a plan!!!!!!

Welcome......and ...

Big love.....
message posted 04-Jan-11 09:59:53
Hi Steph,

I have recently left my cushy office job also to do what I always really wanted to do and I am looking for a job as a commis chef. How did you go about it? Do you have any advice?

How is it going? And are you pleased that you did it?

Sorry lots of questions but I am very interested,


message posted 21-Feb-11 01:03:50
if u wana became a good chef
u have to do hard work and putt ur all and afrts learn all the time in the kitchens &
u ll be success
message posted 06-Mar-11 09:20:41
If you want to become a good chef
the key is listen to you head chef and rest of team
take a notebook and write down every Recipe
and keep practice every day
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