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Restaurant and fOOD GUIDES

message posted 09-Oct-10 22:25:30
I am going overboard....again!

I will suggest, ESPECIALLY WITH THE LEADING TWO-YOU KNOW WHICH!- having no consistent operational criteria other than the whimsy of a 'feel' on a particular day, and depending on the inspector's day and personal preference, and probably a glowing or crap reference, you are truly kippered; either way!

So why don't chefs form their own foodie guide? They talk straight, take influencing factors into consideration and have a chat with you., make recommendations, and etc.....and give you another chance. Afterall, nothing like a free supper followed by semi-mild-raucous banter...and honest opinion, as corroborated by many others of a similar thinking, from a similar background.

Talking of food....not glamour design to rate your abilities....just honest bloody chefs cooking for a living. and outsiders telling us how it is? they have a limited understanding of the undesired unpredictability that is so prevalent in the job.

What say ye?

crazy chef.......
message posted 12-Oct-10 18:30:45
Great Minds Hey... !!

I have had a similar idea in the "coming soon" section under chefsview

Who needs food guides, this would be controlled by the chefs, not some fat bloke that likes to eat out !!

message posted 05-Oct-11 18:27:50
hahaha i couldnt agree more tcapper
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