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Getting Qualified while working full time

message posted 14-May-10 16:32:24
Hi all,

I used to work in catering as a waiter, chef, head chef and then front of house manager. I then moved away from catering and into account.

My passion is in catering and being a chef, but I do not have any qualifications in this area, just 7 years experience about 10 years ago! I now cannot match my salary and jump careers that way as I have a young family to support and would not get anywhere near what I need to get by.

I am looking for somewhere to train, but all the catering schools are full time or take you away from home for a month. Does anyone know of any part time evening professional cookery qualifications? Even distance learning?

As you can see i am in a bit of a catch 22 situation, but my passion is to cook!!


Kev (Chefsim)
message posted 16-Nov-11 13:15:11
HI Kev,

I think I have a solution for you. You can get an Australian Government recognized qualification based on your work experience. Contact me on and I will show you how.

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