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New Film about a Chef Kidnapping and Tourturing Food Critic !

message posted 30-Jun-10 09:35:36
Food critics Beware !!!!

Here is a teaser trailer to the film Bitter Feast in which a chef exacts revenge on a food blogger, J.T. Franks, who ruins his career with a negative review. "The public demands raw meat, I just give it to them," says the blogger as he describes the restaurant's food as "vomitous." Mario Batali, playing a restaurateur, fires the chef and replaces him with a sous chef from Marlow & Sons. Naturally, the original chef then loses his mind, kidnaps the blogger, and chains him up in a basement. Franks is forced to go perform "a series of deceptively simple food challenges - from preparing a perfect egg over easy, to grilling a steak precisely medium rare - punishing him sadistically for anything less than total perfection." Creepy! Also, the film was inspired by Frank Bruni's review of Gordon Ramsay at the London

message posted 18-Jul-10 00:06:17
Would you?
I would!!!!!
Then watch him squirm as he writes glowing crap about me all over again and again and again. Then I'd make him slag off the hottest chef of the moment...and slay him or her to bits(for not feeding poor hungry kids, but throws away food!!!!!)

Not only that, I'd get him slaying the AA too!

Because the AA never gets it right..are very inconsistent. Consistently so! And thus, pointless!

Then the chefs with the stripes on their collars?!!!!
Still cantilevered turd-munching crap! Look at me....better than the lot of you...Let's see them do something for the poor kids all over the place.....and get politicians take note and make a change!!!!!!
Ever seen a kid's face and arm blown off and incinerated by a bomb?
Ever seen the effect of a bullet on a kid's head or heart? A fuckin' great hole you can look through and see the end of the world! Every single day it collars are small shite in the scheme of real things.....

And Michelin? Elitist bourgeoise crap! Because they stop at three stars!
FFFFFfk work like mad all your life to reach a certain point of perfection reality that could never be improved upon? Never bettered? To say your intellect and ability then is at a plateau dead end??!

What then, a sigh of relief and start again at the struggle to retain the same pansy three stars? No chance of ever getting better? A forced conditioning of mind and existence?
An absolute antithesis to the rules of evolution and progressive living....
That is why Ramsay amassed so many all over the place? Clever monster, heh!!!!!!
Fkn genius!!!!!!!

Is there life after Michelin?
All the lads that come back after having been to the city and sold their life to the devil still earn a little more than a pittance. Fk!
What now?

Big love....

crazy chef......
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