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combi steam trays rational help please

message posted 19-Mar-10 09:24:12
I have looked at nisbets new cataloge and there web site and can not find any steamer trays(RATIONAL) anywhere .are they still making them...Code and price please chefs
Nextday Catering Equipment
Nextday Catering Equipment
message posted 22-Mar-10 10:50:14
Hi Chefx,

The Rational Tray are very expensive trays the 1/1 gastronorm size list @ 98 for the 55mm deep, 111 for the 90mm deep and 127 for 140mm deep,

Personaly I would advise going for bougeat or vogue gastronorm pans they are both stainless steel and will do the same job as the rational trays at a fraction of the cost.

copy and paste the link below - nextdaycatering is always cheaper than nisbets!

Hope this helps

David ;o)
message posted 23-Mar-10 13:05:20
Thanks chef
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