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Global Warming? A fkn load of cobblers an' bollocks!!

message posted 28-Mar-10 23:10:17
You think this through, rationalise, and reconcile, then decide.......

A single ship from Manila to Southampton emits as much carbon crap as all the cars in the world in a week......if not more...
The shipping lobby is all very quiet on are the green tree munchers......

Congestion zone, green zone etc, taxation?
After all that, how come we do not have better, more efficient public transport? And chefs leaving work after midnite, you'll all be fkd- Walk home!

So you see, you have a new menu or recipe coming up, yes, it is prudent you get the demi-runs, pre-preperations and prep, retry, and demo after demo and retry! The seven Ps are dealt out!!!!!
Proper pre-preperation prevents piss poor performance!

So, Copenhagen, on global warming meet, thousands of limos get driven from Germany to venue. Think global warming as farted by world leaders!
One hundred and eighty nine countries showed up. Each fucker with a blank bit of paper; hoping to thrash out something ad hoc.....the proposals some of them came with counted for shit, we all know that!
Oh, there were twenty thousand delegates.
And still all came away with shit to show for all that great and grand postulating and peacocking! and the media circus...what a hoot!!!!!!

Global fkn what?
Muppets being taken for a ride....
And now the scientists and their emails.....
Of course, recycled garbage as charged by my council on council tax turns up in India....yeah...maybe they are not human enough over there; and for that matter, in Africa, where they dump nuclear waste! if it is so harmless, why don't we dump our nuclear waste behind our houses, or in our own dumps?

Any of you ever seen anything positive come ot of your contributions to green propaganda?

We all have to live responsibly for and to each other; and to be hoodwinked is testament to our own ignorance, as others milk us dry.....

Guys, wanna pop your clogs on the job?

Big love is tepid here.......


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