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message posted 11-May-10 22:21:48
Hi! I am Charles. I am Chef .I need some help or information .I have my NVQ2 AND 3 IN FOOD PREPARATION AND COOKING-KITCHEN AND LARDER delivery from this Body(GOAL,EDI,LCCI AND QCA).I use to work in few bid hotel in UK for my own experience .Now ,I cooking for some big retailer Company warehouse staff.
The company introduce right now some high standard company chef certificate relevant to NVQ2 connected with City Guild.
I get a big argue with my DM last week about this,because them tell me to be on this course!
I show them my 2certificate NVQ2 AND 3. But ,she don't want to listen me.
I want to know;What I must do or say?
I also want to know if the NVQ I have are not important ?
Could you please help me with some idea?
Thank you.
message posted 14-May-10 22:59:58
So you had NVQs and the job was ok?

Now back to City and
Just learn City and Guild; so much better, you learn more for real. Then when you are more qualified, ask for more money!

Don't stress the boss, you want them on side to pay you more.....more than is the sub-standard crap that NVQs entitles you to.
You just said the company introduced a high standard...improve and grow with the company...make yourself better in their eyes, and they will look on you favourably.

Knowledge and learning is not a bad thing, is it?
Work in understanding and humility, and you are the winner.......
Let the pay rise be your motivation if all else fails....

Big love.....
message posted 16-May-10 22:13:35
Thank you all of you about the good idea you send to me.
God bless.
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