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A.T. Chef
A.T. Chef

Getting it together.

message posted 11-Apr-10 17:51:14
Greetings to all the fellow chefs.

I have a question to all the veteran chefs outhere. I have been into the business for over 6 years now and was lucky with every single position in various restaurants across the globe.

Have started out as a waiter in Little Italy, NY (age of 19) where I have learned all the basics of the Italian cousine plus a bit of the catering planning.
Moving on to Japan, but still working with Italian food, where I have acquired skills of making real pizzas down to different types of doughs, ovens and baking techniques. As an opportunity of expanding my knowledge of Italian cousine had come by, I have taken it with all the appropriate passion and dedication and have passed all the stations up to Sous Chef within a year (21), after which I was able to deal with 80 lunch covers and 30-40 dinner covers, while working in an open kitchen(which is an expreience by itself).
After quitting that job, have recieved an offer in running a restaurant using my own menu(23) and even though the restaurant have already had a dodgy reputation, due to the previous chef (otherwise they wouldn't have hired a kid to run a kitchen), within a year we were able to restore it and were serving proud and tall 2.5 rotation of 30 covers for lunch and about a full floor every evening plus serving at marriege banquettes (and Japanese businessman drinking parties ^_^).
But running a restaurant by yourself takes its toll on you so I have decided to move to a quiet country of Finland and have gotten myself my first decent contract that had 11 weeks of payed vacations plus an easy schedule of 6.5 hrs a day (25). In terms of contract, that job was the best so far but it wasn't satisfying since I have served pasta to people who would've dumped half a kilo of ketchup or mayonese on top of it, it is just too depressing when people come to the kitchen and complain that they have seen a piece of onion and a carrot inside of a meat lasagna, god bless their ignorant souls.

At the moment I am working in a 5star resort of a good friend of mine, working on the menus and polishing my techinques in preparing low calorie food, using more decorations techinues that I have ever had and still earning to learn more, BUT (now is where I am starting to get to the point, bear with me) I have realised that throughout all off these years of experience I haven't formally achieved anything (except for a couple of pictures in magasines and a few awards for the pizzas).

How can I evaluate my experience in a formal way? Getting a degree in any section of the restaurant business wouldn't be a problem for me, it's just I don't want to pay money for a course 90% of which I already know.

The things I am looking out for at the moment are:
- Membership with some world approved chef association (Italian Association of Chefs is a joke)
- A degree in Culinary arts of some sort
- A degree in Restaurant Management
- Before hitting 30yr milestone getting Master WACS Chef title
- In years to come getting a Michelin Star

At the moment I am feeling like an illegal immigrant in the world of Culinary Arts, I would like to get an official approval of all the input I have given to this career.
All the advices are appreciated, thank you for reading this post
message posted 11-Apr-10 19:07:22

Reading youre posting, I can see where you are coming from. However most "renowned" chefs have never had any written piece of paper recognition, its their skills and the places that they have worked wich is what is important.

If your cv (resume) says : Michelin star, michelin star, michelin star. They are not ever going to say, but he has never been officially recognised.

Perhaps you should start sending letters out to All (global) Michelin restaurants, get in there and you will never look back !!!! Guaranteed !!!!

Hope this helped
message posted 16-Nov-11 13:35:07
Hi Chef,

I think I have a solution for you. You can get an Australian Government recognized qualification based on your work experience and this could add weight to your CV. Contact me on and I will show you how.

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