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What do chefs like to eat? Really.....

message posted 30-Apr-10 01:00:10
Hey guys.....what do you really really like to eat?

What do you go mad for?

What makes you go out of your way?

Scrambled eggs with tabasco!!!!!
Crab with Mayo gets me mad.....
Hot-Scallops just almost kissing the heat.....
And Tilapia.....!!!!
I am simple me......

ps....this morning driving to work and I saw this guy come walking around a corner with his dog.
It was most comical how he tripped on the dog's hind leg. It wasn't smart how he laid into the dog; kicked the living shit out of it. It was smart watching the dog jump to avoid the kicks.
Traffic stopped, all of us hooting and tooting like mad.
The smack-head-he was!!!!-got more incensed, grappled with the dog, grabbed it by the throat! The dog kicked him in the nuts and went for his throat.
it was war out there.....a real angry dog having had enough of the master....
It broke free and disappeared....

Evening time coming back, the police had the dog in their van; seems like it had been an all day job!!!

Now, I really would not mind having had the guy on my BBQ...gently basting with rancid pork fat from the butchers skip down at the dump......I'd have trussing and barding needles in him too.....

Big love....
message posted 02-May-10 08:29:03
Hey CrazyChef

For me the ultimate, well its more of a whole package thing ! When I get the time to go home to my folks in South Africa there is this spot I go To.

Perched on the side of a mountain overlooking a river below and valley, crickets buzzing , sun going down. You get a kilo of fillet, medium rare, cold beer and a knife. On the side some hollandaise for dipping and thats it.

Put your feet up and watch the sun setting, slice off a bit of fillet, dip and realise that it is all worth it.........

As for that twat with the dog, when his time comes he will probably find god with a pitbull by his side.......sweet !
message posted 19-May-10 09:36:17
Anywhen; Fish & Chips, Dim sum,
Winter; Steak & Kidney pudding, Braised Oxtail.
Summer; Scallop & black pudding with salad, Thai soups,
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