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message posted 29-Apr-10 12:18:35
Hi guys my name is oliver and i am training as a chef at leicester college =D i am 17 and am on my 2nd chef job... and looking for a 3rd. i started working when i was 16.

message posted 03-May-10 00:21:00
Hullo Oliver.....
You come across as a super chef!!!!! Learning so fast, you have to chop and change jobs so fast to get as much info and skill in this very short time.
Three jobs in two years-makes you shit hot!!!!
And none of us can keep up.......

Or you wiork in shit-holes that cannot satisfy your thirst and hunger for knowledge.....

Or you seriously lack commitment, focus and stability. chef in his right mind would give you the time of day considering you flit at jobs so fast. The investment in you would never see a return!!!!

Try taking time out, get a game plan sorted, then get the right kind of job, and stick at it.
Chopping and changing jobs will earn you shit pay and regard from veterans.
Take it or leave it!!!!
message posted 03-May-10 00:36:57
Its actually none of the above... strangly. Annnd no need for the sarcasm.
Anyway job 1 i was told i wasnt needed anymore, i was made redundent.
Job. 2 which i am currently still in, the management is a pile of crap, plus its not the area of catering i want to be (pubs, no offense if you work in one though).
Fine dining is the way i want to go and you know what, strangely i do know that i hace to stick it out and endure the crap pay, long hours etc. Oh and the veterans etc, they maybe good chefs and stuff, but i am finding out more and more that its the younger new feneration that are leading the way within the new fashions and innovations of catering. Just sayin.
message posted 09-May-10 08:16:32
Good one Oliver, my bad!

You do realise it is the veterans that will be teaching you still?
They inspire the younger guys.....
know what Heston said?
What he does is his own tricks...he recommends all to learn the real bits about cooking. No point doing smoked mozarella balls if one could not understand the basics of cooking, the science of cooking, the joy and passion of cooking....
Ever since Brillat Savarin and Escoffier days it has always been an evolution, so we have gone from espagnole, demiglace, to jus, and now essences....and molecular.
Fact of life is evolution....and that is only because the new generation always learn the basics and make better(?) for an ever changing palate, clientelle and social ambiance.
But fashion has a way and habit of dying out and re-emerging anew as re-invented.
Think back to Nouvelle Cuisine...Sous Vide, et al.....and all what is fashionable right now really is all old science. Check it all out!!!
Having said that, I worked with veterans that made my skin crawl....I still learned stuff!
Once again, my bad; and wish you well.....maybe even a stint with me if you are in between jobs?
message posted 09-May-10 08:25:11
no problem =]

and yes its true what you are saying thats why i am at college.

thankyou and it depends where you are based haha!

message posted 11-May-10 01:59:50
Come to is nice here....see how people live without straight from the fields-if the farmer doesn't get you!!!! His shotgun aim is good when he is half drunk-always!.
Once in a while you lie under the cow and suck tit!!!!!
Proper milk fulll of cream, goodness and puts an absolute rod up your back!!!!!! Just mind she doesn't poo on your head and she's not the farmer's favourite.(You get more kudos if she is!!!!)
Berry and pear cider is so nice, before you know it you are not drunk! But for the life of you you can never get up nor walk anywhere in any way.....your thighs and your legs are sort of linked with a very destabilised jelly......
Come and see what a real house looks like.....and a proper kitchen.....with happy chefs...eight hour straight shifts-except for one miserable thing! You just might cheer her up....damn she never smiles, even when the cow shits in your mouth(accident!) or kicks you in the knackers!!!!! Yet she insists she is always happy!

We cook fine.....ooohhh yesss....good fine.....and maybe less is more?! Let the food speak for itself and your feel?
Come down for a week...we'll put you up!
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 11-May-10 21:09:38
Hey Oliver

Its like crazychef says and believe me he is frikken certifiable, but it is all about passion and love.

Learn all you can and then move on, repeat process !!!

If you get a couple days off take, crazy chef up on his offer, Good quality, do very little to it and bang that is Michelin !!

message posted 11-May-10 21:19:28
hmmm, cool thanks, may i ask the name of the restaurant where crazychef works? and how long have you been in the trade? and what sort of places you worked at?

cheers oliver.
message posted 14-May-10 23:09:22

I don't work in a restaurant.

I work as a chef....consultant....relief chef....teacher....mentor....and working on a chef welfare association to help combat drug abuse, alcoholism and unfair pay in the industry.
Unfortunately the pay is tied in with high costs, unbelievable income, public apathy as to the true cost of food, and business volume. All sorts of arguments.....

I also have other bits I do...because chef pay is crap! Honest.
Unless it is your own business.....

I work with a lot of people that have good businesses and appreciate our campaign ethos and believe in the youth as the leaders of tomorrow...

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