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New centre island suite for kitchen

message posted 27-Nov-06 23:36:38
I'm looking to redo my kitchen and hoping to put in either a "Cometto" or "Athanor" island suite in.........anyone had any experience of these and are they worth the cash? ny other suggestions or advice would be apppreciated. Thanks
message posted 01-Dec-06 10:12:28
I have no idea about the type of island suite you are looking at but I was having my oven serviced yesterday and mentioned this to the technicion who kind of made a whisteling , sucking noise through his teeth at the mention.

Apparently they installed one a couple of years back and it created no end of problems, but he seems to think that the manufactures have ironed out the problems.

My advice would be to ask the company to tell you where they have installed other systems and phone the chef and ask to have a look at it and see how practical it is. Any reputable supplier should be happy to tell you where they have installed similar systems.

Hope all goes well.
P.S From Joburg, where are you from ?
message posted 01-Apr-08 17:51:41
just out of curiosity, how is your now-used new unit? Stll efficient?

I am now looking at an hobart job, hang on....island and all that, but induction job.

In comparison to chavet, and all other brand names....nothing gives other than with hobart, they have a thicker 9mm all in top. Heat when required, auto off etc etc etc....

then I wandered onto global warming......straight into a wall......

Should we be encouraging or thinking about induction hobs? As opposed to gas in that they come on as required as opposed to solid tops, and inefficient gas burners? A cool working environment....
Having said that, there’s amazing gas burners, with the jets angled horizontally for efficient heat dispersion…For me it is the burning gas effect in the atmosphere, what is the cost of getting gas to point? What does it cost to get same electric energy volume to point?
Aaahh…people got to eat…,........... pointless going green?????
Like travel?
I know that if I leave my car at home, I will never get to where I am going on time, no matter how early I leave,(two hours is the best I’d give, I need rest…even then at six I’d be struggling to get in for nine-twenty mile ride!!), On account of public transport being so unavailable, and not happening down my neck of the woods, as and when I need it-should I have to dash out, or wherever on emergency . And I will never get home either. No public transport at the times I finish work. Is it cost/grief effective ? How do fares per mile compare to riding your car per mile? Don’t envy guys in the big smoke that also got to pay congestion, emission, 4x4, nice car envy/jealousy/vandalism/ tax, exhorbitant parking tickets and parking charges. Burning gas.....

Am I bitterly screwed up?
With all those official cars, jets, innefficient buidings(old, beautiful, county headquarters), swanning in style……………….-don’t get me wrong, I love cars……..and no one is worried about the effects of leaving on lights in govt buildings, city blocks, all over the country…… and we are charged to recycle items, only for them to be shipped to Asia, and sold for a profit…muppets getting mugged, twice and thrice over? Fact, cows give more methane than all the cars in the world.......
Roll over folks, mugging time.......

Somewhere out there are stressed out confused sales men figuring on what to tell me.

I am confused(green wearing tree hugger that I am forced to be).....and then really, I don't give a damn because through the history of time, everything comes in cycles-ice caps melting, extinction of species, deadly diseases, war, greed, false presentations(read-global warming!!!!)..thanks to a quick buck clever nutty professor some life is a mess it not be............
Hey green tax? What for? Not punitive tax for working so hard to afford what you can.....ouch.....where's my green oven/stove/combi island?
Got to pre-empt them before they tax what they make sure is the only available commodity and hit me for ten!!!!!
A green island, powered by kryptonite.....hahahahahaha.....or nuclear thermo......ooohhhhh ******!!!!! Tcappper, nucleus took on a new meaning aka molecular.......

message posted 02-Apr-08 10:21:35
And then Penguins learnt to fly.............
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