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Qualifications or Experience?

message posted 07-Apr-11 21:33:23
Hello, new to this forum. Seeking advice. 19 years old.

I have been working as a Commis chef for 8 months now, as this work has been on a casual basis there has been no training, neither have i gained any qualifications. Everything i have learnt has been hands on experience.

I would like to eventually be a chef or crew chef on private super yachts. Would i be better off studying to gain as many qualifications as possible? or stay in work learning what i can?

Is there anyway or fast tracking these types of courses in the UK?

Advice would be great.

message posted 13-Apr-11 08:11:14
Hi Alex

That is a very "to be or not to be " question

Personally most people I know have worked their way up and its the reputation of the place that is the cv, not the qualification. However for your foot in the door of a yacht you would need a qualification.

You can do a nvq and still work, your employer would need to release you for I think one day a week. So you could get a basic one and then get your foot in the door and work your way up.

Do you know much about yachts ?, Do your research, also it might be worth on your next holiday going to the port you have in mind, nothing flash stay in a hostel, do some snooping around find out where the crew houses are ( they dont live on the boat all the time, in fact some of them ever leave) meet people, word of mouth.

When I started out I banged on doors till someone let me in.

Hey I hope this gave you some idea, also there is quite a good site i found (you probably have seen it)

Good Luck

message posted 12-Jun-11 09:27:36
You may not need qualification in the short term but long term you will need it for work visas and work permits etc.
Rachel White
Rachel White
message posted 11-Jul-11 10:13:53
Hey Alex,

Your confusion is right, because career as a chef needs both qualification as well as experience. I know it would be difficult for you to leave a job for doing a course. But then to excel in this career you must go through a formal training. So you can do one thing. You can pursue an online degree in culinary arts management. Then you need not leave your existing job and can complete your degree also. While you'll be completing your degree, you can work and gain experience. I found a site on net which has the list of top ranked colleges offering online culinary arts courses.
The site also has relevant information about the career of a chef. Hope it's going to help you.
The Staff Canteen
The Staff Canteen
message posted 15-Sep-11 17:14:01
In my opinion it would be a mixture of both qualifications and experience. You have to think about it this way, you have lots of great experience that someone who is studying would not have. Unfortunately, their qualification may outweigh your experience when looking for a job.

It would be good to try and study part time and work at the same time to continue building on your experience.

If you are looking for part-time or even want to carry on full-time work, is a great site to search for jobs. You can post on there what type of job you are looking for and others will respond. Take a look as it may have some great opportunities for you!
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