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Knife Storage.

message posted 30-May-11 01:07:03
Many chefs i've worked with swear by using "tool boxes" for storing their knives and accessories, i find these are a very bad way of storing knives as the knifes are all rumbled into the box and bashed about the place damaging blades. also when rumaging through the box i've seen others cut them selfs trying to get a knife out.

Personally i've used canvas wallets in the past but bought a new knive case last week, i find such ways of storing knives safer and a better way to protect your knives. I see my knives as an investment that will serve me well for years if looked after properly.

What are you guys preffered method of storage, knife block, wall rack, wallet/case, tool box or magnetic strip?
message posted 31-May-11 15:54:33
Hey Number 2

I use a canvas wallet, dont last that long, probably about 8 months but they only cost a few quid so its worth it.

Nice to see a new name on the site
message posted 31-May-11 15:57:37
Briefcase for me.

I agree, had a knife box or rather a tool box, everything slides all over and I recon they do ruin your knives.

I took a briefcase added some foam and cut slits into them for all my knives, I think you can actually buy them ready made.

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