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i nee your expertise

message posted 29-Dec-10 11:22:34
hello again,

i need your help, what do students usually do in each of the following labs:

1- interactive culinary labs.

2- meat cutting labs.

3- baking labs.

4- simulation classrooms.

5- culinary demo theater.

i hope someone can answer my question and help me out :(
message posted 29-Dec-10 20:10:57
These are very "americanised terms" but will give it a go

Interactive culinary labs (very similar to - simulation classrooms)

obviously interactive would mean the students being able to also work.

So i would have a main range and work surfaces at front of class and then have smaller work surfaces and ranges running down the classroom where the students can work at the same time. Think a normalclassroom but replace the desks with worksurfaces and cooking ranges.

Meat cutting labs ( garde manger)

This is a cold room (air con) where the butcher / garde manger can work with meat and fish in a controlled temperature.

It needs sinks and two seperate work surfaces one for meat and one for fish

Ideally it would also have two walk in fridges.
Note.. one should have tracking in the ceiling for meat to be hung on hooks

Bakeing labs (patissier)

This should also be temp controlled for working with chocolate.

it should have work surfaces .. one of these work surafces should be marble for chocolate, rolling out doughs etc.

should have walk in fridge and walk in freezer.

mixing bowl space, space for prooving ovens and normal ovens

Culinary demo theatre

This is like a classroom

At the front you have a blackboard with worksurface and cooking range and sinks.
Directly above this you have a v shaped mirror hanging to allow the classroom to view down on what is being cooked.

The classroom seats are raised (like stadium seating) to allow a clear viw for each student. Also the classroom seating is semi circular and not sraight back

Hope this helps
message posted 31-Dec-10 17:54:03
oooooooohhhhh T-capper......

memories of yore............
message posted 03-Jan-11 03:57:06
Thank you very much =)
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