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Kick the Parmesan habit!

message posted 09-Dec-10 17:34:46
Restaurants across the UK are losing business due to their Parmesan habit according to national charity for vegetarian consumers, the Vegetarian Society.

In these days of tight budgets and stringent cuts few restaurants can afford to lose business and yet - because of the never ending trend for using Parmesan to garnish or as an ingredient many vegetarian dishes are being ruined.

The Vegetarian Society, an educational charity, has launched a campaign called Say Cheese. The campaign highlights that Parmesan is not vegetarian. This is because Parmesan/Parmigiano-Reggiano is an EU Protected Designation of Origin product and has to be made using calf rennet. It is therefore not suitable for vegetarians. By including Parmesan in or on vegetarian dishes restaurants are excluding vegetarians and vegans.

Katie Douglass, Head of Catering Services at the charity says, On a weekly basis we hear about vegetarian meals that have been ruined because of Parmesan. Many restaurants have only one or two veggie options on a menu. Often both of these are then ruled out as they use Parmesan. Restaurants could make it so much easier for themselves by leaving the cheese off, or using an alternative and labelling it as such. Kick the habit and be proud that your dishes really are suitable for vegetarians.

The Say Cheese campaign aims to make sure vegetarians have cheesy grins when they go out to eat, so the Vegetarian Society has produced a card for veggies to leave behind at restaurants or to send before visiting one. Its also ideal for vegetarians to use when they spot recipes in magazines containing Parmesan and labelled as vegetarian.

Top find out more visit or call 0161 925 2000 for a sheet of the Say Cheese cards.


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