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Just released: buffet counters with style

message posted 22-Dec-10 10:07:14
We all know how the appearance of our food can make it seem more or less appetizing- throw a load of veg and slices of meat all over a dull, chipped plate and you wouldn’t have very happy customers. Dishes are presented well – we use quality crockery – knives and forks that make the holder of them say “ooh, I like these”… it’s all important stuff, in ensuring the satisfied psychology of eaters. But why stop there?

With the booming business of serve yourself all-you-can-eat buffets, the re-appearance of carveries and the old favourite of pick-your-own canteen style serveries, the Italian based company Afinox have devised a range of units to serve the food industry impressively: whilst ensuring that important attractive appearance.

Afinox’s new range of counters, called Tradition, Essence and Soul, are fully-integrated, complete service units that fit simply and conveniently into any catering environment, whether traditional or modern. The Soul, Essence and Tradition ranges have been developed with the aim of offering “the most convenient choice in the self service and buffet service market”.

So, no more having to buy separate units and paying someone else to come in and design and build the housing. These units are complete, and on castors – so you can move your buffet area around as much as you want. The edges are straight, not curved – meaning they can easily stand side by side, and appear as if they were built that way.

Plus, they look pretty smart.

There are various heated, refrigerated and ambient units, such as heated/refrigerated air-blown, bainmarie or static wells, heated/refrigerated glass hoods – that come in the form of ‘serve over’, buffet style, winged or walled. Of course, you may still want to design your own housing, and Afinox have catered for that too with the Soul drop-in range.

Afinox counters are available from the Afinox UK supplier, Chef Logic –, tel: 0845 3723401

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