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message posted 10-Dec-10 07:48:30
I'm an architecture engineering student from the University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. My senior project is a culinary art school. I would like to get any useful information that will help me with my project. 1-I need to find good case studies for an international culinary art school. 2- What is the best location for a culinary art school? ( i mean the site ). 3- What types of facilities available at the school? I would be really grateful if someone was able to help me.
message posted 10-Dec-10 10:30:01
Not sure if you specifically mean just for chefs Or a whole hospitality management centre including chefs and catering.

Google "Swiss Hotel Schools" they are the oldest and most prestigeous in the world, see if you come up with any ideas there.

Come back to us if stuck
message posted 10-Dec-10 15:25:08
thank you tcapper for replaying,
My project is a culinary art school, so it is mainly for chefs.
It has nothing to do with hospitality management.
message posted 13-Dec-10 11:48:34
From the schools that I have visited and know, most tend to be way out of town; facilitating focus!!!!!

Other than the Swiss and French ones, which are faboulously backed by grand history and laws, I had the shock of my life when I visited Utalii College in Nairobi, Kenya. Previously it was located in a prime location, now it is surrounded by slums....still produces good chefs!!!! Some American schools are in town....even in high rises!!! How the hell they get all that equipment up there and at what stage of the build.......

Westminster in London and Brighton Tec are in in city centres.... Now most retired pioneering chefs or any chef looking for extra pennies run Academys in all sorts of restaurants even....your work is cut out buddy!!!!!!

Ideal location?

Facilities? Think of a restaurant kitchen, but micro-sized so that you run your own kitchen, cooking three courses, for a minimum five, and do your own damn bloody washing up in your own sink....then upscale it as you advance in years....All contained within hopefully, not too shabby surroundings....

Google is your best bet....enjoy it...there is so much....

Good luck.....
message posted 13-Dec-10 16:13:12
Following on from CrazyChef

Ok so it is mainly for chefs. So lets start there.

This would be my ideal enviroment for a "chefs school", complete intergration and on the job training.

You need a restaurant (obviously, so the chefs can serve their food). and then work your way back.

Restaurant 40 covers, lounge area and bar area.
Leading to kitchens

I would create a the main pass with a central isle leading down from the pass (hot plate) in a T shape, then coming off from the T a herringbone of smaller individual workstations with smaller gas stoves and undercounter fridges, these would be for the students to practice teqniques, whilst the professional chefs run the main restaurant.

At the back end you want a pot wash, walk in fridge and walk in freezer.

Off to one side you will need a seperate Garde manger with own walk in fridge and a seperate pastry area again with walk in fridge. On the opposite side you will need a dry store.

Coming off the back of this (back entrance and goods entrance. Changing rooms and toilets.

Then you could have a main demonstration classroom with some smaller classrooms.

Also a staff canteen somewhere, where the practise food can be served to students and permanent staff alike.

This would be a dream come true for a chefs school.
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