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Meat joints

message posted 26-Jan-11 14:14:03
Is there anything wrong with cooking meat joints the day before, and also is it compulsory to wear a head covering in the kitchen?
message posted 26-Jan-11 14:42:09
Hey Lincat

Nothing wrong with cooking joints the day before, just a question of brining it to temp again and keeping it moist.

Suggestion is to portion up, lay in a tray with some stock, cover and then bring back to temp.

Not compulsory to wear head covering, just a hair issue and landing on a customers plate. 99% of the time a hair that lands on a customers plate is from the waiting staff and not from the kitchen.

Hope this helped !
message posted 26-Jan-11 16:45:01
Thanks kman.

I knew this already, but my dumb manager says the opposite, i have always cooked my meat the day before and reheated to above 75 degs. My hair is shorter than short, its number one cut.Manager said the EHO told her about meat and the hair covering, I think shes lying, hate the job because she never leave me to do my job
message posted 26-Jan-11 17:15:30
Sounds like you are in contract catering, F**** managers always think they know best.

The laugh is they could never hack it as chefs.

Good luck mate !
message posted 26-Jan-11 17:22:47
LOL, I'm a chef in a care home. I been cooking in care homes for 10 years, never been this sodding abused.
message posted 26-Jan-11 17:27:57
Hi Chefs

Enviromental Health states : that it is not Legally required to wear hair nets but it is strongly recommended.

This is based on Long hair ( from shoulder length) getting caught in machinery and not from hair in food.

I would not get into an argument over it unless you are leaving, because the employer can dictate "dress code".

Q : If they force the issue you could also get narky back. I bet your manager walks into the kitchen, does she wear a hair net ? Does she wear anti slip shoes ? Does she wear jewellery ?

YES !!!, then F*** off out my kitchen !!
message posted 26-Jan-11 17:35:56
Hi tcapper.

No she does not wear any protective clothing at all. Actually she makes herself lunch and i dont see her washing her hands in the provided sink. Load of crap really.
message posted 26-Jan-11 18:43:39
Well then you have an ace up your sleeve, if you have to wear a hat so does she when she enters the kitchen.

She also has to wear protective shoes and take off all her jewellery.

People like that make me Sick.

Top Tip : when you leave the place rate the employer in the chef section, you could actually rate it now, it is completly anonomous.
message posted 03-Mar-11 20:48:44
Bloody hell!!!!!!

Sorry, but I shit myself laughing.....hard to believe chefs still have to put up with this kinda crap!!!!

Try taking this manager's crap any other place and it'd come back in a poo you HAVE to work there?
I know the economic climate dictates alot; Lincat, I feel for you.
Just don't lose your self respect and integrity, as you battle to survive this job.
Another way of looking at it is this, are you being harrased out?

If not, make yourself indespensable....and she will soon give up on you....(hehe...)
In my day, we slipped her the one eyed monster, got her on side....made a movie, and she shut up. We had the aces. Random, I a PC world!!!!!

Hang on in there....feel the well...

Big love.
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