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message posted 03-Jan-11 04:07:32

Hello again,

I have a question regarding a picture, i saw of an interior of a kitchen. The question is why is their some Granite counters in the kitchen and is there any other observations that you chefs only know and would help in the kitchen designing process. I mean how is it useful? won't it get affected by the chemicals used in cleaning the kitchen?

message posted 06-Jan-11 16:25:47
I think it is probably Marble and usually only in the Pastry Section

Prized by professional pastry chefs, marble is the ideal surface for rolling out dough, as the stone remains cooler than room temperature. It promotes exceptional results with nearly any type of dough.

Marble remains cooler than room temperature, helping keep doughs firm, it provide an exceptionally smooth rolling surface.

This also applies to chocolate work
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